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Latest News

LATEST NEWS! This column will carry the latest news for ADP-EyeCare patients and/or prospective patients. 

15/09/2021::: Class 2 Medicines Recall: Santen Oy (trading as Santen UK Ltd), Ikervis 1 mg/mL eye drops, emulsion, EL (21)A/22. Go to MHRA for more information, 

03/09/2021:: Mr Mohammed Kasmani added to Ortho-K article

25/08/2021:: CL Referral Form added for Mr Mohammed Kasmani. 

07/08/2021:Would you like to help in a clinical trial and be paid? Go to 'Clinical Trials Can You Help?'

09/06/2021: Additional testimonial added to Andrew D Price - Portfolio. 

04/06/2021: If you are a contact lens wearer concerned about a product recall affecting some Bausch+Lomb, Boston, Boots or Specsavers lens care products a download from the Medicnes and Healthcare Regualatory Authority can be found here. Changes to care products are part of any initial consultation when a new patient sees any of the Eye Care Professionals listed on this website. 

29/05/2021: Latest News added to 'Clinical Trials - Can You help?'.

01/04/2021:Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam's CL Referral Form can be found here

27/03/2021:Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam MPhil PhD FCOptom FBCLA ProfHigherGlaucoma publishes his Portfolio and advises his CL clinics start early April. 

15/03/2021:Beth Ralph updates Dry Eye and Contact Lens Referral Forms with latest email address. 

03/03/2021: State of the Art Eye Mapping and Tear Fim Analysis video added to site under 'Also Interesting'

15/02/2021: How the Human Eye Works video added to site under 'Also Interesting'




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Consultation via Webcam

Remote Consultation

By arrangement with Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL MBCLA COA

Would you like to arrange a Remote Consultation? Now you can. Please read the important information below before proceeding further. Currently this Remote Consultation facility is restricted to my specialist fields of helping with long-standing contact lens problems, dry eye/blepharitis conditions, discussions on myopia management or help with colour vision deficiencies with contact lenses. Initially please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to help identify how I can best help you, please give a description of the help you are seeking. Marking your email Remote Consultation.

Your Remote Consultation can take place via a webcam and microphone or telephone.

Please read this important information before proceeding further.

A Remote Consultation cannot replicate the physical attendance for a professional examination and diagnosis by an Eye Care/Health Care Professional using the observational and physical tests and examinations available in a practice/clinic setting. Therefore all possible diagnoses and treatment options may not be covered. A misdiagnosed or improperly treated eye condition can result in a permanent loss of vision, or a permanent loss of function of the eye or visual system. The Remote Consultation is ideally suited for long standing problems for patients with mild or moderate symptoms. If you are a patient with an urgent eye problem, where symptoms have arisen very recently or are severe, seek medical advice, probably starting with the practitioner/practice that carried out your last eye examination, if you contact them they will normally be able to triage your eye problem and offer advice, do not delay. However, if unable to contact your optical practice, it may be necessary to consider your nearest hospital eye department or hospital A & E department, your GP or pharmacist may also be able to offer advice, but do not delay communicating or physical attendance with an Eye Care/Health Care Professional. Users of this website should not self-diagnose or self-treat based on the information contained within it, only an Eye Care or Health Care Professional can do that.

I hope I will be able to help you with your dry eye/blepharitis problems and look forward to receiving your email. Please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical requirements

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