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Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam
MPhil PhD FCOptom FBCLA ProfHigherGlaucoma
- Portfolio -


Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam MPhil PhD FCOptom FBCLA ProfHigherGlaucomaGanesh graduated optometry in 1998 from a hospital-based optometry institute in India.  Completing his under graduation, he pursued his career in the same hospital for few years working in various optometry departments (Glaucoma / Speciality Contact lenses / Electro-diagnostics / Cataract assessment / low vision aids / ocular emergency) and along with eye specialists (Uvea/Glaucoma/Cornea).  This intensive exposure has triggered his interest in eye research and consequently, he was involved in one of the international multi-centred study for an eye medication.  

Simultaneously, he was involved in various other studies on uncommon eye diseases.  This has given him exposure to other investigative laboratories like haematology (blood), Micro-biology (disease organisms), pathology (examining tissues), and genetics.  After all these exposures he worked as a specialist optometrist at their Glaucoma Department for 2years, and at the same time he pursued his Mphil degree in glaucoma. Subsequently, he came to the UK for his PhD in glaucoma.  Over the years, he managed to publish 20 scientific publications in his career.  Being interested in clinics, he obtained his license to practice in UK, and as well secured a position as a hospital optometrist at the Bradford Royal Infirmary for some time.  In the later years, and until recently he provided speciality contact lens service to Wakefield Hospitals through its community share-care project.

Due to his interest in providing excellent service to the community, he tested himself gaining additional UK qualification, Professional Higher certificate in Glaucoma; and a certification for providing minor eye conditions. Now, he is expanding his knowledge to myopia management and dry-eye management to provide these services to the community in addition to his regular speciality services.

During his career he has always maintained teaching as a part of his life.  Until he left India, he was a module leader for certain optometry modules at the institute where he studied his undergraduate degree.  In addition, he was a key player in founding a continued education and training system for qualified optometrist in that institute.   During his PhD studies he managed to get involved in teaching undergraduate optometry students at Bradford University.  Now, he is back to teaching undergraduates on a part-time basis at this university.

Possessing these extensive exposure and experience in optometry he was recognised as a Fellow (by portfolio) by the College of optometrists.  At this time of writing this text, the College of Optometrist has awarded this type fellowship only for 50 optometrist all around the world.   In addition, recognising his service to the community needing speciality contact lens service, and his contributions to the science on contact lenses, the British Contact Lens Association has awarded him another Fellowship from their organisation.  

He believes that every bit of knowledge that he gained in his career should be utilised for its purpose, which is for the patient care. It is difficult not to appreciate his belief during his consultations.

Where am I and how to contact me?


I am based in the West Yorkshire area, if you are interested in my services please email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam MPhil PhD FCOptom FBCLA ProfHigherGlaucoma
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