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ADP EyeCare



Mrs Vanessa Uden Mrs. Vanessa Uden

Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Optician



Mr. Colin Jones Mr. Colin Jones

Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Optician


Mrs Elizabeth RalphMrs Elizabeth Ralph

Professional Services Consultant
Contact Lens Specialist



Mr Ganeshbabu MahalingamMr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam

Optometrist and Contact Lens Specialist



Mr Mohamed Ayyaz KasmaniMr Mohamed Ayyaz Kasmani BSc(Hons) MCOptom (Feltham, London)

Optometrist and Contact Lens Specialist


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Latest News

LATEST NEWS! This column will carry the latest news for ADP-EyeCare patients and/or prospective patients. 

14/01/2022: New video added to Dry Eye Drops - The What and The How.

29/12/2021: Mr Colin Jones joins ADP-EyeCare, added to relevant articles, also see Referral Forms and images. 

08/12/2021: A new article on Hybrid lenses added here 

18/11/2021:: : Class 2 Medicines Recall: SANTEN Oy (trading as Santen UK Limited) and parallel distributor, IKERVIS 1 mg/mL eye drops, emulsion and VERKAZIA 1 mg/mL eye drops, emulsion, EL (21)A/30. Go to MHRA for further information. 

14/11/2021: A group educational webinar schedluled with the foremost expert on SynergEyes hybrid lenses. 

26/10/2021:: Class 3 Medicines Recall: Bimatoprost Aspire 0.3mg/ml eye drops, solution in single-dose container, Aspire Pharma Limited, EL (21)A/26. Go to MHRA for more information, 

23/10/2021: Mr Mohamed Kasmani has images added to Introduction Page. 

15/09/2021::: Class 2 Medicines Recall: Santen Oy (trading as Santen UK Ltd), Ikervis 1 mg/mL eye drops, emulsion, EL (21)A/22. Go to MHRA for more information, 

03/09/2021:: Mr Mohamed Kasmani added to Ortho-K article

25/08/2021:: CL Referral Form added for Mr Mohamed Kasmani. 

07/08/2021:Would you like to help in a clinical trial and be paid? Go to 'Clinical Trials Can You Help?'

04/06/2021: If you are a contact lens wearer concerned about a product recall affecting some Bausch+Lomb, Boston, Boots or Specsavers lens care products a download from the Medicnes and Healthcare Regualatory Authority can be found here. Changes to care products are part of any initial consultation when a new patient sees any of the Eye Care Professionals listed on this website. 





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ADP-EyeCare – An Introduction

ADP-EyeCare – An Introduction

Thank you for visiting this website, we hope you find it not only interesting but educational and thought provoking as well.

ADP-EyeCare is formed of five associates, who not only collaborate on specific aspects of eye care, but also offer their own individual eye care services. One is Mr Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL MBCLA, CEO and Joint Clinical Director of ADP-EyeCare, who provides eye care in Nantwich, Glossop and Widnes. Second is Ms Beth Ralph FBDO CL, Joint Clinical Director who provides eye care in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. The latest associates are Mrs Vanessa Uden FBDO CL MBCLA who practices in the Surrey, Hants and Berks area, Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam MPhil PhD FCOptom FBCLA ProfHigherGlaucoma in West Yorkshire, Mohamed Ayyaz Kasmani BSc(Hons) MCOptom in Feltham, London and Mr Colin Jones FBDO(Hons)CL in Widnes.

Mr Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL, COA (North Wales)      Mrs Beth Ralph FBDO CL (East Midlands & South Yorkshire)

Mr Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL MBCLA  (Nantwich, Glossop & Widnes)



Mrs Elizabeth Ralph FBDO CL MBCLA (East Midlands & South Yorkshire)



Mrs Vanessa Uden FBDO CL MBCLA (Surrey, Hants and Berkshire)



Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam MPhil PhD FCOptom FBCLA ProfHigherGlaucoma (West Yorkshire)


Mohamed Ayyaz Kasmani BSc(Hons) MCOptom (Feltham, London)     

Mohamed Ayyaz Kasmani BSc(Hons) MCOptom (Feltham, London)


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(Widnes and Vision Aid Overseas)


Under the same menu heading where you found this page you will find their individual portfolios. We hope they will make interesting reading.

There are a number of specialist pages on the website, if you are interested in the topics discussed and can travel to Nantwich, Glossop or Widnes (Mr Andrew D Price), the East Midlands/South Yorkshire (Mrs Beth Ralph), Surrey/Hants/Berkshire (Mrs Vanessa Uden), Wakefield (Mr Ganeshbabu Mahalingam), Feltham. London (Mr Mohamed Ayyaz Kasmani) or Widnes (Mr Colin Jones) please contact the relevant person using the email address given. If there is only one email address given for a particular practitioner it indicates the other doesn’t as yet provide that service.

They welcome initial email conversations with prospective patients and/or referring colleagues. If the patient is referred from a fellow ECP the aim is to obtain a successful outcome and refer the patient back for co-management and all their other eye care needs. Email communication from other HCPs such as GPs, pharmacists, dermatologists etc are also welcomed. Optional downloadable, saveable, editable and printable Referral Forms for each practitioner are available under either the Dry/Watery Eye Clinic and/or Contact Lens Clinic tabs in the menu. As part of the ethos of providing the best care possible they recognise accurate and timely testing in eye care is vital, as it is in medicine generally, Mrs Ralph and Mr Price both have available a test that can not only detect dry eye and contact lens discomfort inflammation, but measure its degree as well, no other test in the world does this and they are proud to be pioneers in its use. 

InflammaDry detects and grades eye surface inflammation helping targeted treatment.

We are available by email to patients who may be interested in a face-to-face or remote consultation regarding non-urgent contact lens, dry eye or ocular surface conditions. we have extended appointments further apart so that safe distancing and clinical standard hygiene measure can be effective. If you would like to contact us for non-urgent eye care discussions related to dry eyes or contact lenses you can  by email:

Personal portfolios can be found here: 

For Mr Andrew Price new arrangements for private new patient appointments will change; new patients for the Nantwich, Glossop or Widnes clinics are asked to send an initial email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. this will enable the best approach to be mapped out, which following the return email or short phone conversation may be an extended telephone or video consultation or a practice visit. The initial email/short telephone conversation is without charge or obligation to proceed further. 

The ability to conduct telephone/video consultations will not fully replace 'face-to-face' and the tests that can only be done physically, but rather dovetail into a care appointmet schedule, rather than bring a patient in every time. The normal 40 minute appointments will be extended to 1 hour. It's probably worth stating here my in-practice hygiene protocols, and I would suspect my colleagues as well; I will not see a patient who is not wearing a face covering.

I am proud to say I am fully vaccinated (x 3) and take a LFT before commencing my clinic day, I wear a mask, and insist everyone else does as well, I wipe everything in front of the patient, wash my hands before the first patient contact and use sanitizing gel before and after patient contacts during the exam (but have done for several decades), and I have a one-in-one-out approach. It would be entirely logical to think the patient is safer in my exam room than almost anywhere else, certainly a shop, pub, entertainment venue, sports stadium or even in a family get together!

We all have a duty of care for our staff, and our other patients, – how many will walk through the aerosol filled environment after a covid infected patient has spent time in our practices. We also want not to be infected or take the infection home that evening to friends and family.



Eye Care Professionals who would like to know more about tailor made videos for their practice can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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