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LATEST NEWS! This column will carry the latest news for ADP-EyeCare patients and/or prospective patients. 

22/01/2020 ADP-EyeCare announce a new dry eye clinic will commence in Stoke-on-Trent in the first week of March 2020, in addition to the current one in North-Wales. To find out more email Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL , COA: 

07/01/2020: Contact lens wearers who would like to improve their hours of comfort please see 'Clinical Trials - Can You Help?'

28/12/2019: 'Monovision' where one eye is corrected for distance and the other for near, is sometimes an option for cataract/refractive surgery. It is vital you have the opportunity to judge if this is suitable for you before surgery, this can be done easily as part of the Cataract or Refractive Surgery Referral Clinic. The 'target' prescription is then known in advance and is provided to the surgeon.

07/12/2019: Mrs Elizabeth Ralph FBDO CL joins ADP-EyeCare, providing specialist services in the East Midlands. 

28/10/2019: Do you have Colour Blindnes/Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD)? A unique contact lens is available that may help you differentiate colours more easily. Read more. Email:   

26/10/2019:  Wear glasses/contact lenses currently and would like to consider reducing or eliminating your need for them by refractive surgery, or you require cataract surgery and thinking of a private procudure? We can offer information and examinations to assess your sutability. Email: 

25/10/2019: Existing HES patients can now be offered co-managed contact lens care with the Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board Contact Lens Service. 

22/10/2019: Article on Acanthamoeba keratitis, contact lens wear and the steps ADP-EyeCare is taking to protect patients placed under Contact Lens Clinic. 

21/10/2019: Coming soon! FAQs - you can hep. If you have a question you would like to put on the subject of; contact lenses, contact lens discomfort or dry eyes/blepharaitis please email the most popular will placed as FAQs. Read Dry Eye FAQs. Read Contact Lens FAQs.

20/10/2019: Details of clinical trials conducted on multifocal and toric contact lenses and contact lens discomfort placed under Clinical Trials - Can You Help?

18/10/2019: Three new articles added under Contact Lens Clinic heading; 'Joy of Contact Lenses', 'Contact Lens Clinic Brochure' and 'Myopia Management/Control'.

17/10/2019: Two new articles added under Dry/Watery Eye Clinic heading; 'Clinic Brochure' and use of drops.


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ADP-EyeCare – An Introduction

ADP-EyeCare – An Introduction

Thank you for visiting this website, we hope you find it not only interesting but educational and thought provoking as well.

ADP-EyeCare is formed of two associates, who not only collaborate on specific aspects of eye care, but also offer their own individual eye care services. One is Mr Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL, COA, CEO and Joint Clinical Director of ADP-EyeCare, who provides eye care in North Wales and in early 2020 Stoke-on-Trent. The other is Ms Beth Ralph FBDO CL, Joint Clinical Director who provides eye care in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.

Mr Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL, COA (North Wales)      Mrs Beth Ralph FBDO CL (East Midlands & South Yorkshire)
Mr Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL, COA
(North Wales and Stoke-on-Trent)
     Mrs Beth Ralph FBDO CL
(East Midlands & South Yorkshire)

Under the same menu heading you found this page you will find their individual portfolios. We hope both make interesting reading.

There are a number of specialist pages on the website, if you are interested in the topics discussed and can travel to North Wales or Stoke-on-Trent (Mr Andrew D Price) or the East Midlands/South Yorkshire (Mrs Beth Ralph) please contact the relevant person using the email address given. If there is only one email address given for a particular practitioner it indicates the other doesn’t as yet provide that service.

View Mr Andrew Price's personal portfolio and/or Mrs Elizabeth Ralph's personal portfolio. Both practitioners welcome initial email conversations with prospective patients and/or referring colleagues. If the patient is referred from a fellow ECP the aim is to obtain a successful outcome and refer the patient back for co-management and all their other eye care needs. Email communication from other HCPs such as GPs, pharmacists, dermatologists etc are also welcomed. 


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