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Dry/Watery Eye – how I can help ?

The eyes surface and tears are complex – trial and error is not the way!

Cause of Contact Lens Discomfort

Specialist exam techniques can show how contact lens wear can be successful

Lid conditions need microscopic examination

It is not possible to diagnose and successful treat without a specialist exam

Short-sighted eyes grow longer!

Is your child suitable for Myopia (Progression) Management?

Colour vision enhancement

Specialist contact lenses may give improved colour vision discrimination

Implantable Intra-Ocular Lens

Cataract/Refractive Surgery Referral Clinics give you lots of information and help decisions

Latest technology for diagnosis

Specialist technology can now identify reasons for dry eye/contact lens discomfort

Latest technology for treatment

Specialist technology can now treat dry eye/contact lens discomfort

Dry Eye Clinic Video

Why a clinic appointment is so important

Latest News

LATEST NEWS! This column will carry the latest news for ADP-EyeCare patients and/or prospective patients. 

29/08/2020: Dry Eye Clinics commence in Leyland in September.

30/07/2020: The world unique InflammaDry test to detect and measure inflammation in dry eye and contact lens discomfort patients avalable from Beth Ralph and Andrew D Price

01/07/2020: As from learly September 2020 dry eye and contact lens patients can also be seen in Nantwich, Cheshire by Mr Andrew D Price. Email

21/06/2020: As from late August 2020 dry eye and contact lens patients can also be seen in Southport, Merseyside by Mr Andrew D Price. Email

12/06/2020: As of mid-June 2020 we are starting to put our Contact Lens and Dry Eye Clinics together in our diaries, extending and spacing appointments further apart so that safe distancing and clinical standard hygiene measure can be effective, this along with an anticipated demand for appointments indicates that patients who would like to see Beth or me are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. Please email Andrew Price  or Elizabeth Ralph

23/05/2020:  Dry Eye Clinic Video published - watch here.

03/05/2020:  Remote non-urgent consultations with Andrew D Price, now available 7 days/week, day or evening by phone or Webcam Consult. Send initial email to  

03/05/2020: A collaborative agreement between private ophthalmology and Andrew D Price at the Dry Eye/Contact Lens Clinic of ADP-EyeCare at Focus-In Opticians of Rhyl. See more.

04/04/2020: Lipiflow page discusses treatment. See In-Practice/Clinic Professional Treatments under Dry Eyes Clinic menu-point.

25/03/2020:  New feature of the ADP-EyeCare website is the downloadable, savable, optionally printable Contact Lens Referral documents with all fields open for text. Go to ADP-EyeCare where you will find it under the Contact Lens Menu Point.



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